Story String Jr. - Kids Affirmation Beads

beads, affirmation beads, kids powerBecause kids need positive self-talk too! Story String Jr. - Kids Affirmation Beads

Stories are Important – especially the ones we tell ourselves.

Because kids need affirmations, too, we have created a fun, colorful way for them to self-affirm their worth. Designed for children elementary school aged - approximately 4 to 12. Each string is made from natural stones, shells, or semi-precious stones, and features a colorful clasp at the top to easily attach to a backpack, slip into a pocket, or hang on the wall or wherever it can be seen and reached consistently. Each Story String Jr. comes gift boxed with an affirmation card with 5 printed affirmations on the front and space to write 5 more of their own on the back. Your choice of affirmation cards (Card #1 written for ages 4-9(ish) and Card #2 written more for ages 10-14 (ish). These Story Strings are not a toy - and although they are securely knotted between each bead, they contain small beads and stones which could be a choking hazard for young children under three. Not intended for use with babies or toddlers.