Handcrafted beads and jewelry for ritual, wear, and display. Specially selected semi-precious stones and carefully crafted messages to celebrate, empower, and affirm who we are - and who we strive to be.

Beauty & Meaning

Whether it's praying a rosary, rubbing a worry stone in your pocket, or experiencing the calm of nature's stones as you meditate, humans have used beads in many forms to relax, ponder, empower, and worship. Cultures around the world have used beads for prayer, meditation, focus, and affirmations for thousands of years. Beads have been utilized as jewelry, clothing decoration, and touches of beauty in the home as well. Nature provides us with so many beautiful types of stones, and natural beads are truly one-of-a-kind, whether they are made from stones, crystals, shells, or wood. The variations of color, translucency, and markings of these natural beads make your beads unique.

The best-lived lives are those filled with intention. Celebrate sacred moments and events with meaning-filled products to calm, inspire and empower you.