About Us

Sacred Story Stones was born from a decades-old love of beads, crystals, words, and intentions. Hi, I’m  Lori Dubois, founder of Sacred Story Stones. I have combined my passion for inspiring the human spirit with my creativity into a new artform. My expertise in marketing, experience in communication, and education in stories and information gathering have come together to create products that celebrate and uplift people at all ages and stages of life.

Stories are important – words have power. The words we say, pray, and share shape our beliefs and values. They bring our wishes and feelings into a sacred space of love, acceptance, and manifestation. Having a physical representation of these words allows us to stay connected in our daily lives and encourages us to live our true story.

Whether it's praying a rosary, rubbing a worry stone in your pocket, or experiencing the calm of nature's stones as you meditate, humans have used beads in many forms to relax, ponder, empower, and worship.

Our lives are sacred, and I hope to help empower you to believe in the beauty and magic of our sacred stone creations.